Je Reviens Geneviève

by Lesbo Vrouven

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P572 CD 11


released May 19, 2006

Guitar, Vocals – Sam Murdock
Bass, Vocals – Hugo Lebel
Drums, Vocals – Max Vrouven

Recorded By – Yves Drolet
Artwork – Patrik Dubé
Layout – Sam Murdock

Merci Anna, Judith, Julie, Geneviève, Louise, Maelle, Margaret


2006-05-19 : (Université Laval)
2006-05-27 : (Scanner, fête à Daniel Dalpé) + Les Hellcats + Les bouffons psychotiques + Second Hand Virgin + La Matante Rechargée
2006-07-16 : (Québec, Festival d’été) + Hot Hot Heat + Secret Machines + Besnard Lakes
2006-07-31 : (Québec, Rouje) Sharp Like Knives et Windom Earle

2006-09-07 : (Université Laval, Spectacle de la rentrée)
2006-09-09 : (Envol et Macadam)
2006-10-06 : (L’Arlequin) + Tokyo Police Club + Beirut
2006-10-07 : (L’Hémisphère G, Pop MTL) + Boo Hoo + As Ever + Ben Ross
2006-10-11 : (Phog Lounge, Windsor) + The Locust
2006-10-12 : (Call The Office, London) + + The Ultimate Power Duo
2006-10-13 : (Smiling Bouddha, Toronto) + + Zombi + Supersystem
2006-10-14 : (Jimmy Jazz, Guelph) + HotKid
2006-10-15 : (Sneaky Dee’s, Wavelenght, Toronto) + Muffins
2006-10-16 : (Zaphop Beeblebox, Ottawa) + + Mothra + Good Night Night + The Jade Epidemic
2006-10-26 : (Petit Champlain) + Xavier Caféine
2006-11-17 : (Magog, Sherbrooke) + Tuxedo Grrrs + Brigitte Bordel
2006-12-22 : (Casa Del Popolo, Montréal) + Boo Hoo



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Lesbo Vrouven Québec, Québec

Post-Pink and Pance-Dunk since 2006

-Sam Murdock
-Hugo Lebel
-Jean-Christophe Bédard Rubin

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Track Name: Intro
(This is the beginning and the foundations of subsistence and worship.)
Track Name: We Are Weapons
(We are weapons. We are dancing invincible and carefree. We are dancing feeling the lust and the desire. We are dancing feeling invincible and charismatic.)

We are evil, we are hatred, We are hatred on the dance floor Sure is fun to sing about life along with the Go-go girls and the no show boys. Juju lips and boring kisses how much longer can this last? We are weapons, you’re a war zone and we’re going to kill your feet.
Track Name: The Golden Age Of...
(After the bombs and the bullets on the dance floor, the Golden age of the dangerous first kiss.)
We are in the Golden Age Of…
Track Name: Crossfire
(In terms of design, this is one of the most important songs as it describes the creation of love from a combination of religion, romance, rebellion, and infatuation.)

I understand the fascination
You can’t dance with a sore back that’s killing you

You are the size of love
Your pirate knees are killing me
Track Name: The Agency
(The agency is a resistant force of violence and seduction. The devastating feeling of shared love.)

The agency from L to V, MM, it’s good for you, it’s good for you.
The agency from L to B, MM, it’s good for you, it’s good for you.
The agency from L to E, MM, it’s good for you, it’s good for you.
From L to V, its hell to be, MM, it’s good for you, it’s good for you.
Track Name: New Berlin
(Understanding the distance, but refusing to let the city burn by creating new ways of adoring. This is the political destruction of common ideals.)

I found a new way to get into your house.
I found a new way to get into your heart.
And Berlin is burning
How does it feel
to burn with me?
Now watch me burn.
Track Name: Je Reviens Geneviève
(We are dead after 365 days; the aftermath is going to be painful. The distance, the sobriety. We will never play together again.)

You had style, you had grace
Now strike a pose

She’s back to white, I’m still selling black
Now strike a pose

The distance, the sobriety. We will never play together again.
We all know that love will destroy us in the end.
Track Name: Oh So Sad, Oh So Sad
(This is the haunting ending. We are young and yet miserable, dancing is the only way out. We might never love again.)

Was that promise of salvation fulfilled or was it just another day in the never ending fight of authority vs. orphans?

In such an ugly time the real protest is beauty.
Love will destroy us in the end.

Oh so sad, Oh so sad. She’s leaving, she’s leaving

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