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Grifff Pifff

by Lesbo Vrouven

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Frédéric Guérin
Frédéric Guérin thumbnail
Frédéric Guérin Des rythmes punk, sautillants et trébuchants, des riffs qui procurent une sensation de déséquilibre (MMMMM), les voix sur les morceaux parlé/chantés qui rappellent le post-punk (Rivoluti, New Sealand) et des intermedes dissonants a la Sonic Youth. L'impression que Lesbo Vouvren a digéré mes styles préférés. Mes 4 top morceaux: Coloris, New Sealand, POU et Griff Piff
PS: Manque Zengu sur le Vinyl Favorite track: New Seälånd.
evemariecostard thumbnail
evemariecostard Je suis fan de longue date et je trouve cet album génial! Je ne me tanne pas d'écouter mon beau vinyle rose! Pour moi, Lesbo Vrouven est parmi ce qui se fait de mieux made in Quebec. Favorite track: LL.
Nicolas Pdvn
Nicolas Pdvn thumbnail
Nicolas Pdvn Une énergie pas retrouvée depuis les débuts de Noir Désir et Eiffel. Favorite track: MMMMM.
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Coloris 03:41
Words are not coming easy this time All I see is colour A book on Klimt Your golden silence Is always running sad In a rush for nothing I'll draw my way back into your heart You've got godlike colours And fearlessness So don’t you worry Your mom will be ok Jack Kirby said it in 1971
MMMMM 03:46
You lost a life once Your nose is full of bleeding ideas She sees the future, alone with numbers It's no gospel, it's just some sad bike ride I don't know what's going on It's just a cut and paste You took that city away from me Future fiction, said MMMMM Poor bleeding soul queen You feel so low now, naked midnight You're keeping time with shadows and water Why did you leave Temagami Lake? It's the fiction of millions But you played it alone Timestream from your fingers to your bed Please make it out of the slums, MMMM You have such a pure, pure, dirty heart Paolo Soleri on drugs If you lose the queen, what does it mean?
Ri Vo Lu Ti 02:05
That girl you wanted, she's gone That boy you wanted, he's gone That girl you wanted, she's gone That song you wanted, it's gone
Talk about people, it makes them more real, she said You have secrets as old as me, beach-like and dirt-free Get off the grid, the music is over, your face is a beach now You're the only one who's holding you down No ice left to keep your island from floating The top of the world is so empty and silent now We could live the life of the sea, take a minute for us I am your secret cove, you are New Seälånd The North Sea is so choppy tonight J'taime sur le bord de la mer du nord The North Sea is so choppy tonight Her tears of joy were beams of light
Spy Ra 03:57
Spy Ra comes in the night
Espi O 03:20
And I began thinking along those lines. And the New Gods evolved from those lines. And I began to ask myself ‘Everybody else had their Gods, what are ours?’ What is the shape of our society, in the form of myth and legend? Who are our Gods? Who are our evil Gods, and who are our good ones? And I tried to resolve them in the New Gods. And I came up with very, very interesting characters, and very good sales, which satisfied me immensely. Now, I didn't resolve the questions; I'm a guy who lives with a lot of questions. I say, ‘What's out there?’ And I try to resolve that, and I never can. I don't think anybody can. Who's got the answers? I sure would like to hear the ultimate one, but I haven't yet. And so I live with a lot of questions. And I find that entertaining. I find that entertaining. And if my life were to end tomorrow it would be fulfilled in that manner. I would say the questions have been terrific.
LL 03:48
Midnight, minuit, and it's alright Making out in the absence ov light This is the end, time to wake up Algorithme Anytime LL, you're wasting up for me LL, you left your island boy It's cause you pfff at the world And you just poke at the boys Midnight, minuit, and it's alright Making out in the absence ov light This is the end, time to wake up Calypso Bronco Midnight, minuit, and it's alright There's more to it, but I can't sing We're not afraid and loud like love Fuck le snifo snif LL, you're wasting up for me LL, you left your island boy It's cause you pfff at the world And you just poke at the boys Midnight, minuit, and it's alright There's more to it, but I can't sing We're not afraid and loud like love Future hard romance
Pou 04:31
I'll hold up your frame, satellite lover Things would get, I said, better if they could I know you think you've lost it It's under your tongue for a reason There was a before, a bookstore, and now the boy is calling you again You stayed in your room all night, empty, forever They're not your friends, they’re on TV Just leave this sickening feeling by the bedside The world is a very dark place, you know This is the feel good moment of your life. There's no edit. ¿Por qué no se van? ...no se van del país???
Grifff Pifff 03:53
She is sick on a boat Hopelessly lost in a world of Blank seas and mysterious coastlines Changing shapes of ships at war Frail and corpse like in the morning ‘Cause nothing stays inside her body Bronchitomononi Bronchitomononi Bronchitomononi Bronchitomononi She is sick on a bed Sleep deprived emotionball A statement from inside her stomach Waves that shape shores The eyes that never sleep Night falls in the passion pit of Bronchitoville Bronchitomononi Bronchitomononi Bronchitomononi Bronchitomononi
Fourth World 02:55
Maybe it wasn't so brave, maybe it wasn't so bright It was the taste of the book that made me lick the page This city is cold and it's been like that for several months This life is told through interconnecting colourless days I was serious about these songs, Grifff Pifff and the Forever People You have to feel it inside your guts and let it ring forever.
Dorro Zengu 05:03
I just want to know it all, get the chords right and flip the light back on. Everything is forever in motion. Eyes locked in place. Your heroes they do not drive. Can you function in the real world? All you’ve got is beauty from endless imagery. Art, friendship and madness; I want to be in that storm again. A timestream from my fingers to your bed. Let's make history right now. There's something to create still, I just know there is. Fat taxes again. All the punk inside of you is dead. There's a couple of years missing, where did they go? I can't get my head around how beautiful this could be. Do you want music that makes you think? These songs would be nothing without words. Red, red, red, red from morning sickness. Nothing will ever be this real again. So let's play. Woke up again to the dream land of your face. I don't know how long it's been. Time for me is simultaneous. Every moment is happening at once, always. T'es rendu comme moi, tu vois plus la pluie. Casual sea p, mode c, à la fin de l'infini.


Lesbo Vrouven est de retour avec un nouvel album. 12 chansons post-pink, illustrées par 12 artistes magnifiques. Une espèce de carte secrète du multivers. Lourd de riffs et lourd en émotions.

L’inébranlable trio composé de Sam Murdock (Oromocto Diamond), Hugo Lebel (Les Goules) et Jean-Christophe Bédard-Rubin joue avec fougue des chansons tristes et dansantes inspirées de l’intemporalité de Jack Kirby et d’un coeur brisé. C’est la suite logique de Je Reviens Geneviève et Encore La Mort, mais un peu plus intense et illuminé.

Enregistré à l’été 2015 dans la canicule du Bunker d’Auteuil par Jean-Philip Tanguay, ensuite mixé par Jim Dumas et matricé par Ryan Morey, les mots, les riffs et les images on pris un temps fou à s’assembler, mais quand tout est sorti de la grande noirceur, ça c’est transformé en vinyle rose. Disponible aussi en CD, K7 et Digital. C’est la parution P572 numéro 71. La sortie en France est orchestrée par Catulle & Ramón de Bordeaux et la cassette sort avec Ajax Cassette. C’est fou-fun-post-pink dansant. MMMMM.

LESBO VROUVEN is back with their third album. It's heavyhearted and full of Danse-Punk riffage. 12 post-pink songs illustrated by 12 glorious visual artists; 12 interconnecting tracks forming a hallucinogenic map to the multiverse and the negative zone.

The loud and unpredictable trio composed of Sam Murdock (Oromocto Diamond), Hugo Lebel (Headache24) and Jean-Christophe Bédard-Rubin (Mauves) are playing frenzied songs of love, passion and sorrow, inspired by the timelessness of Jack Kirby and a deep heartbreak. This record is a continuation of the previous two albums, yet it channels something deeper. Lesbo Vrouven has never sounded so colourful.

GRIFFF PIFFF was secretly recorded in July 2015 in the cosmic basement of the Bunker d'Auteuil by Jean-Philip Tanguay, then brilliantly mixed by Jim Dumas and mastered by Ryan Morey. It took forever to get all the words, riffs and images together, but once everything finally emerged from the dark places, the vision to make a truly special object came to fruition. It's P572 release number 71 and it's available on CD, LP, cassette and as a digital download with the help of Ajax Cassette and Catulle & Ramón for the Euro Zone. Wrap yourself in all this fiction, make something beautiful every night, you have to feel it inside your guts and let it ring forever. Ri Vo Lu Ti."

They previously played played most major festivals in Québec, FME, Osheaga, Pop Montréal, Festival d'été de Québec. And shared the stage with bands like Duchess Says, We are Wolves, Hot Hot Heat, Lesbians on Ecstasy, Sharp Like Knives, The Famines and Beirut. See Lesbo Vrouven on tour this fall in Quebec and Ontario and everywhere else in 2017.

''Le trio défend un punk a priori aussi mordant que dansant (Coloris, qui ouvre l'album sur les chapeaux de roues, donne le ton), mais peut aussi proposer des segments plus élaborés, avec des changements de teintes (excellente Spy Ra), un échange épistolaire sur fond rock (pièce-titre) ou alors des compositions nuancées, à teneur expérimentale, comme la planante et bruitiste Dorro.'' -LE SOLEIL, lapresse.ca/le-soleil/arts/disques/201612/17/01-5052408-lesbo-vrouven-sur-les-chapeaux-de-roues12.php

''Lesbo Vrouven sait mettre le party dans tes oreilles et ton corps avec des rythmes entraînants, des mélodies qui accrochent l’oreille et une énergie contagieuse.'' - LE CANAL AUDITIF, lecanalauditif.ca/lesbo-vrouven-grifff-pifff/

''Un des projets du prolifique et charismatique Sam Murdock (Oromocto Diamond), fondateur de (l’étiquette québécoise P572 (qui balance d'audacieuses parutions depuis 2004), revient a la charge avec sa sonorité qui décoiffe. Le trio, compose d'Hugo Lebel (Les Goules) et de Jean-Christophe Bédard-Rubin (Mauves), propose des pièces qui font résonner amplis et guitares électriques appuyées par une forte base rythmique. L'album marque le retour du groupe depuis Encore la mort (paru en 2008) et propose une sorte de rock dansant Banque d'une variation punk déjantée. L'intention psychédélique est livrée de façon assumée et même parfois un peu irrévérencieuse. Les textes images dépeignent magnifiquement bien l'univers de la formation qui se retrouve a son apogée avec cet enregistrement. L’indépendance et la créativité sans compromis sont a souligner, particulièrement a travers la persistance de ses protagonistes. L'un des groupes les plus sous-estimes au Québec a ce jour et qui gagne a être mieux connu.'' PASCAL DESLAURIERS ►LONGUEUR D'ONDES N°81 45

''Excellent album. Occulte et sombre, mais avec juste assez de lumière pour y trouver son chemin et s'amuser.'' -Joël Martel

TOP 16 singles 2016 de Hervé Bourhis

#49 BARON MAG 2016 TOP 99

#3 PHILOZIQUE TOP 10 Scène locale

#63 EMORAGEI MAGAZINE top 150 albums de 2016


released November 19, 2016

2016-11-03 : (Québec, Le Knock Out)
2016-11-12 : (Rimouski, Coop Paradis) + We Are Wolves + BLSSM
2016-11-18 : (Trois Rivières, Le Zénob) + Charrue
2016-11-19 : (Québec, Le Pantoum) + Charrue
2016-11-24 : (Montréal, Quai des Brumes) + Victime + Eliza
2016-11-25 : (Toronto, Ontario) + HotKid
2016-11-26 : (Windsor, Phog Lounge) + Paul the Tailor
2016-11-27 : (Hull, Arena Din Fork)
2016-12-02 : (Chicoutimi, Le Sous-Bois) + We Are Wolves
2016-12-03 : (Dolbeau, Vox Populi) + We Are Wolves

Hugo Lebel: Bass
Sam Murdock: Guitar + Vocals
Jean-Christophe Bédard Rubin: Drums

Recorded by Jean-Philip Tanguay (Bunker d’Auteuil, juillet 2015)
Mixed by Jim Dumas (Ajax Sound Studio)
Mastering by Ryan Morey
Fourth World recorded at MMMMM Museum
Espi O Reggae guitar: Earthworm Jim
Bronchi scream: Jauntily Enghi Papa
Pifff USA poésie: Greedy Kidney
Words + Musique: Sam Murdock
Arranged by Les Lesbo Vrouven

Layout + Design Vrou Vrou : Gab Pelletier
Team Pochette: Sam Murdock + Gab Pelletier
Lesbo Trio photos: Jeff Gravel
Anglo overlord : Christine LeMessurier
Correction des textes: Magali Paquin
Deschambault Producer: Sébastien Leduc
Bordeaux opérateur: Sol Hess

Cover Illustration:
Meghan Hildebrand (A letter from charlie)

FFF FFF Illustrations:
Jimmy Beaulieu (Grifff Jaune & Pifff Rose)
Pierre Bouchard (Deux)
Gina Sposto (Babe)
Louise Evans (XO Zealando)
Seth Smith (Fresh flesh)
Vincent Giard (Poursssaaammm)
Laurence Lemieux (Evasion)
Martine Dupuis (Là bas)
Laureline Mattiussi (Naufrageurs)
Francisco Ratti (Sin título)
Laura Dawe (Hands)
Pierre Guignard (夜啼鬼)
Jack Kirby (New Gods)

Canada : P572 LP 71
France : Catulle & Ramón CR005

WWW : lesbovrouven.com
LABEL FRANCE : Catulle & Ramón Records


all rights reserved



Lesbo Vrouven Québec, Québec

Post-Pink and Pance-Dunk since 2006

-Sam Murdock
-Hugo Lebel
-Jean-Christophe Bédard Rubin

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